Trala Automaatio Oy
Teollisuustie 7
62300 Härmä

Tel. +35864824100
Fax. +35864824120


Trala Automaatio's destination is to produce high-quality components, straight to customer requirements. We are focused in to every kind of small lathed parts, like machined long bars, differend kinds of bushings and pins, special bolts and threaded parts etc. Our optimum diameter is under Ø40mm. Our operations also include assembling.

We manufacture our products from different metals, for example weldable steel, automatic steel, stainless steel, acid-proof steel, copper, aluminum, bronze, brass...

According to customer requirements, we can supply our components with many kinds of surfacing treatments, for example blue passivation, yellow passivation, black passivation, tinned, nitrated, hardened...